Salon Policies

Policies and Rules

I am so happy to try my best to accommodate and say YES to almost anything, but at times I have to lay down the law.  So here are a few points of interest:

  • Cancellations/Rescheduling: As a courtesy, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation via e-mail prior to your arrival. Should the need arise to cancel or reschedule reservations, a 24-hour advance notice is required. A 48-hour advance notice is required for services lasting 2 hours or more. Insufficient notices to cancel or reschedule reservations are subject to charges of $50 or up to $100.  If your service cost is less than $50 the charge will be for the full service value. All cancellations must be communicated directly to the salon receptionist via phone.

  • NO DOGS in the salon.  

  • Any re-do requests must be made 7 days from the time of the original appointment. There are NO REFUNDS for services.  I will gladly adjust your hair if you are not completely satisfied and will do everything on the planet to make you feel wonderful.   

  • No refunds or exchanges on any retail items.

  • Your parking meter is your responsibility.  I will be happy to run outside and throw a quarter in your meter while you have foils in your hair, but please do not blame me if you get a ticket.  It is not my fault… blame the City.  

  • Although we, at The Local Salon use some “Organic” products some people still have allergic reactions so please inform me so we can avoid any sticky situations.

  • At The Local, we love kids.  Little known fact… we all used to be kids.  However, if your appointment is going to be over an hour and your little one is not getting a service done we ask that you leave them at home.  A lot of our clients are at the salon to relax and get away from it all.  The salon is a totally boring place with a lot of dangerous pointy things and chemicals so find them something fun to do instead of reading last weeks People Magazine and getting in trouble for running around.  

  • Be nice.  Seriously.  I totally like kind people.  I will treat you with respect and perhaps crack a few jokes so I hope you will too.  This is supposed to be fun… and it will be.