Hi, I'm Brittany Laine...


I am a Canadian girl, living the dream here in LA! Moving from the Great White North to Sunny California is just the most recent chapter in my life of travel.  I have my amazing American husband (who I met while living in Sydney, Australia) to thank for bringing me out of the snow and my family to thank for the fact that, at one point, I called Africa and Europe "home".  I love seeing the world and this crazy life has allowed me to experience and appreciate all kinds and definitions of beauty.

I believe that people feel the most beautiful and confident when they are comfortable with themselves.

This is a feeling I want to bring to each individual person I am lucky enough to call my client! As a happy little introvert, I thrive on one-on-one interactions and work to create a comfortable, relaxed environment where people are free to come as they are, feel important and understood and leave with a little extra swag in their step.  

Sometimes it's hard for even me to believe that I have been working in salons since 2006! There, I learned the importance of what I do: I have an opportunity to help create something that my clients will take into every aspect of their lives, something that I understand is a huge opportunity and a huge responsibility.  I purused this new-found passion and became a licensed stylist in 2009, first in my Canadian home, and now in Los Angeles.  I love creating beautiful, effortless, and healthy hairstyles that enhance every person's natural beauty and set them up to live the life they love.  

I am genuinely enthusiastic about finding the perfect fit for every single person sitting in my chair.


Whether it be through creating a whole new look, adding a bit of colour or balayage to brighten or enhance, or maintaining the integrity of the hair through regular cuts or treatments.  Every person is different, needing different things and it is my goal to put sparkle in their eye and perma-smile on their face.  

Though I love all things beauty, I am a conscious hairstylist meaning I care deeply about maintaining the health and integrity of the hair.  This begins with the choices I make in the colour and treatments and continues with the client's home care routine.  I am a proud user of Davines products and believe strongly in what they stand for and the positive effect they have on not only hair, but also the environment.  I take my responsibility to my clients to heart, in the chair, at home, and in their experiences with their environment, I want to create a responsible, maintainable and fulfilling stylist experience.    

I am so excited to meet you, learn more about you and go on this journey with you (we really are partners in this!), so give me a call!  I can't wait to create the best hair experience for you!