I love being able to offer only the highest quality services and products to my clients, making them look and feel their very best!! Which is why I chose the highest quality, safest hair extensions for your hair lengthening, or thickening needs. The hair used is ethically sourced, 100% human remy cuticle hair, and is available in an assortment of shades.

Tape-in hair is sewn onto a small, thin weft and uses a medical grade adhesive that is easily removed from your natural hair.

These hair extensions can be reused up to one year, and require maintenance about every 6-8 weeks to re-tape and re-position the extensions.  

Extensions are done by consultation only, and will be tailored to your hair individual hair needs. At your initial consultation we will colour match your hair with the hair extensions, discuss future extension and natural hair colour maintenance and how to care for your extensions between appointments. A 50% deposit is required to order your hair.

Thinking about hair extensions? Fill out the Consultation Form, or book a consultation and lets go over it together!

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All extension pricing includes the cost of the hair, installation and basic blending with your natural hair.

Full Head/Lengthening

14” Hair $650

18” Hair $750

22” Hair $850

6-8 Week maintenance $350

Removal $100


14” Hair $325

18” Hair $425

22” Hair $525

6-8 Week Maintenance $225

Removal $50

* Prices may vary depending on the amount of hair installed at the initial service or the length of time in between maintenance appointments. Exact cost will be determined in your initial consultation.

Home Care

  • Always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

  • Keep flat irons and curling irons away from the connection, and be sure to use your blowdrier on medium setting.

  • Never go to bed with your hair wet at the root. This can cause tangling and/or matting.

  • Use the brush recommended to you. Use a wide tooth comb or wetbrush on the mids to ends of your hair, but not at on the connections. Try to brush gently.

  • Sleep with your hair in a low, loose side braid.

  • If you swim, rinse your hair immediately after and apply a leave in or moisturizing product.

  • If you have any extensions come out in between visits, save them to bring to your next appointment. They can easily be reinstalled.